Launch of the Digital Media and Behavior Lab

I am excited to announce that I am the new managing director of the Digital Media and Behavior Lab, which was officially launched this Monday, the 12th February 2024! Embedded in the faculty of social sciences of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the DM&B lab serves as an incubator for collaborative research aimed at shaping a positive future for our increasingly digital society. Shifting from an information-driven society to a digital one, it becomes evident that digital technology has become an integral part of nearly every facet of our lives. Together with partners from within and outside academia, our aim is to chart a path towards a sustainable, prosocial, and resilient society.

The central mission of the Digital Media and Behaviour Lab is to address the challenges and opportunities stemming from the ubiquitous use of digital communication technologies across private, professional, and public domains. The goal is to discern multifaceted responses and recommendations that encompass the development of essential skills and literacies and propose guiding principles and design guidelines for digital platforms, journalistic practices, technology governance, and science communication. Ultimately, our aim is to chart a path towards a sustainable, prosocial, and resilient society. Among other things, we engage in the following:

  1. We offer yearly seed funding for large international grant proposals
  2. We kickstart and consolidate transdisciplinary networks of scientific and societal stakeholders and increase our societal outreach and impact via a research champion programme
  3. We host and organize workshops and events within the scope of the lab
  4. We build partnerships with media and journalists to engage in effective science communication.

For more information, please reach out to us via or visit our website at

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