Critical media literacy scale

The following scale can be used to assess critical media literacy based on a set of self-report items. The scale is copyrighted but you are free to use it without permission as long as you give credit to the author by citing the following article:
  • Masur, P. K., DiFranzo, D. J., & Bazarova, N. N. (2021). Behavioral Contagion on Social Media: Effects of Social Norms, Design Interventions, and Critical Media Literacy on Self-Disclosure. PLOS One, 16(7). e0254670. [Link (Open Access)]

More information can also be found in the online supplement of the paper: Link.

Now, we want you to think about your own social media use in general. For each of the statements below, please indicate to what extent the statement is characteristic of you.

Critical information literacy
  • I can determine the credibility of information shared on social media.
  • I can easily form my own opinions on a post despite how popular it may be.
  • I manage to protect myself against the risks related to social media use.
  • I can understand and interpret social media content from political, economic, and social perspectives.
Anticipatory reflection
  • Before I post something on social media, I consider possible consequences.
  • I consider whether my comments or posts on social media could affect others’ thoughts and feelings.
  • I generally think about what people should and should not be posting on social media.
  • I always consider the consequences before I take action on social media.
Deliberate use
  • I typically share my opinions by posting comments on social media.*
  • Over the years I’ve done some pretty stupid things on social media.*
  • Occasionally I act first and think later on social media.*
  • I often do things on the spur of the moment in social media.*
Answer options: 1 = Not at all like me to 7 = Very much like me