Current projects

Privacy and self-disclosure in the information society
What is privacy theoretically? How can we conceptualize and measure it? How do individuals perceive privacy and how do they manage privacy in networked environments (e.g., social network sites or instant messengers)? How do they react to privacy needs in mediated interactions with other people? How do people evaluate and think about the pervasive data collection of website providers and governments? Privacy is regarded as the issue of our times. I aim at understanding and analyzing different aspects of this broad topic in several projects:

Media Use and Well-Being
A long tradition of research has inquired about negative effects of new communication technologies. By what about today? Do new media such as instant messenger change and affect our communication? Do we communicate less face-to-face than we used to? How does this influence our general well-being? Can media use even become compulsive? What criteria should we adapt in order to classify media addicts? I aim at understanding the long-term effects of mediated communication on well-being.

  • A longitudinal analysis of mediated and non-mediated communication
  • The influence of intrinsic needs and motives on media addiction
  • Measuring addictive media use

I am specifically interested in alternative methods of data collection and statistical modeling. At the moment, I am examining the potentialities of experience based sampling methods for non-biased momentary assessments. I am further interested in scale development and validation methods.

  • Ambulent assessment using experience sampling methods
  • Diagnostics and Item Response Theory