I am a post-doc researcher in the field of communication science working at the Department of Media Psychology at the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany). Currently, I am a visiting scholar at the Department of Communication at the Cornell University (Ithaca, USA). I have studied communication science, economic sciences, and philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany) and the Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia).

In my research, I aim at understanding computer-mediated communication from different perspectives. Right now, I am specifically interested in the psychological experience of privacy in online environments. I am investigating how people navigate networked environments while engaging in privacy regulation and self-disclosure. I am further interested in alternative methods of data collection (e.g., tracking and experience sampling methods) and statistical modeling (e.g., bayesian modeling, structure equation modeling, and multilevel modeling). My research (→ research) has been published in national and international journals and books (→ publications).

As an academic teacher at the University of Hohenheim, I have taught several bachelor and master courses on a variety of topics. I have also conducted statistic workshops at different universities in Germany (→ teaching).

For more information, have a look around this website or download my curriculum vitae (→ CV).