As a teacher, I believe the most important goal is to encourage students’ motivation to learn, to explore and to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Being enthusiastic about learning is a key driving force to each student’s success and thus a pillar of my teaching approach. I seek to create a safe and inspiring environment where students can develop a grounding in the most important methods and theories, learn core abilities necessary to link content and findings from different disciplines, and learn to evaluate concepts and ideas with regard to their practical, ethical, and societal implications. Furthermore, I aim to build the confidence and self-efficacy necessary to explore, questions, criticize and engage with academic research, with the ultimate goal of producing work that embodies societal, theoretical and pragmatic value.

I want to inspire students to challenge themselves intellectually, to look “beyond the horizon” of existing approaches or methods, and to think critically and creatively. Although I strongly believe that students have to know certain theories, approaches, key studies, and methods, I also believe that it is equally important to foster a mindset that allows them to ask relevant and timely questions. Today, a key skill is being able to connect the dots of acquired knowledge that may seem unrelated at first sight. Understanding underlying principles and applying them to new problems is thus a key aspect of my teaching.

Throughout my education, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful classmates, teachers, and mentors to whom I am deeply indebted for providing a truly positive and inspiring environment for my personal growth. Yet, I know that not all students necessarily have such an experience. It is thus my goal to create and promote a classroom climate of inclusivity and safety, especially for students who may have experienced personal bias or discrimination. To this end, I offer personal counseling and one-one-one opportunities to talk about individual problems and challenges. I further treat sensitive topics or societal issues in ways that prioritize respect for all human beings. It is my goal that all students feel comfortable and motivated taking my classes.

I have taught several courses for undergraduate students in the bachelor program communication science and for graduate students in the master programs communication science and media research and communication management at the University of Hohenheim. Furthermore, I have taught several method workshops for researchers. In the following, you can find an overview of the courses and workshops that I have conducted throughout the last years.

Courses at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

  • Concepts and Theories of Communication Science
    undergraduate level, fall 2019
  • Reading, Understanding, and Writing Scientific Texts
    undergraduate level, fall 2019
  • Survey Methodology: Media Use and Effects
    undergraduate level, spring 2019

Courses at the University of Hohenheim

  • Media Enjoyment: Implications of Video-On-Demand Services
    graduate level, spring 2018
  • Advanced Statistics (Lecture and seminar)
    graduate level, fall 2017
  • Media Enjoyment: Permanently Online, Permanently Connected, Permanently Entertained?
    graduate level, fall, 2017
  • Advanced Statistics (Lecture and seminar)
    graduate level, fall 2016
  • Advanced Statistics (Lecture and seminar)
    graduate level, fall 2015
  • Current Topics in Media Psychology: Self-disclosure in the Social Web
    graduate level, spring 2014 (with Doris Teutsch)
  • Measuring Online Privacy Literacy: Content Analysis and Scale Construction
    undergraduate level, fall 2013 (with Doris Teutsch)
  • Current Topics in Media Psychology: Online Privacy
    undergraduate level, fall 2014
  • Current Topics in Media Psychology: Online Privacy
    undergraduate level, fall 2013
  • Current Topics in Media Psychology: Excessive Usage Patterns on the Internet
    graduate level, spring 2013

Workshops for researchers

  • Data Visualization with R
    fall 2018, Cornell University
  • Statistical Data Analysis with R
    spring 2018, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • Learning R
    spring 2018, University of Hanover (with Frank M. Schneider)
  • Increasing Privacy: Empowerment or Paternalism?
    fall 2017, Duisburg (with Tobias Dienlin)
  • Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis with R
    spring 2017, University of Erfurt (with Frank M. Schneider)
  • Statistical Data Analysis with R
    spring 2017, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Analyzing Experience Sampling Data: Multilevel-Analysis with R
    spring 2017, University of Rostock

Workshops at schools

  • Online Data Protection
    spring 2017, Körschtalschule, Plieningen (with Doris Teutsch)